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Welcome to Softnet BD.

SoftnetBD is a renowned IT institute founded in 2014 with a very Student & Customer friendly environment. It offers comprehensive training programs as well as Services (e.g. SEO, Web Development and Web Design, Digital Marketing, Domain/Web Hosting, Software service/ Hosted Software etc) on different IT Web sectors with a strong base of real-time trainers with proven expertise in varied technology domains. We're dedicated to giving you the very best IT Web Lessons and Services, with a focus on achieving your ultimate goal.


Softnet BD

We are a renowned institute with a vision to provide quality-assured and affordable training courses to assure that candidates have the knowledge and flexibility to endure a promising and interesting career.

Our proficiency lies between figuring out your talent, understanding youraptitude, analyzing your needs and nurturing you to reach the zenith oftechnological excellence. We believe in the native potential of every individual.Our alumni have been raised from junior executives to team leaders, projectheads and administration authorities over the years.

We follow a customized syllabus to fulfill the career goals of the students as nicelyas professionals. Our students achieve an in-depth understanding of the course ina practical manner and get immediate placement after the completion of thecourse.

At Softnet BD, we want to:

  • Emerge as the Pioneer in providing the highest quality in IT & Web training courses and services.
  • Focus not only on training courses and services, but also help students andcustomers in boosting up their careers and company reputation.