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How to boost your websites Google ranking

Increase google ranking

Google does not have any curiosity about how Google places a site in its search engine results page. Because Google does not say anything about its ranking by Google Ranking Factors. All of us, who work with SEO, as a result of their research, are aware of this mysterious world.

So let’s enter today in the mysterious world of Google and try to find out how Google gives a site top ranking? What does Google see?
Today I’m going to discuss the Google ranking factor.

The whole online is a great ocean of information. There are various types of information on different types of websites. But in the crowd of so many websites online, it is possible to visit all the websites of such content for specific information. The simple answer is “no”. Visitors visit more of those sites for the specific information that comes to the first page in search engine results. But you know for sure that no site is on the first page of search results but instead, it has to burn many wood straws. Through SEO and SMM we can bring the site to Google’s first page. Friends, today we are going to discuss how a site can be brought to the first page of Google’s search results. So let’s take a look at the discussion.

Domain age

This is a common question whether the age of the domain plays a role for the ranking. Before that, there are many different systems were available, but many SEO experts believe that new domains will give better results instead of old domain ranking.

It can be said that your ranking increases with your domain as well as your ranking.

However, this does not mean that you always use an expired domain or expired domain. There are a lot of things to look forward to using an expired domain, especially its backlink profile.

Unique Content

The primary condition of success of any blog is the high-quality unique content. Search engines always give the most importance to unique content. Before posting a blog with a copy paste, a lot of backlinks could have been brought to the site of Google’s search results. But recently Google panda and penguin updates cannot bring the site back to the first page of search results, through numerous backlinks. Rather Google creates an additional backlink and is considered spam. And the site where extra backlinks are created for; Google discards the site from its index.

So it is important to understand the importance of high-quality unique content. A post will generally be better than 300-500 words. But while writing posts, SEO often uses keywords that use keyword density to increase. These types of posts also generally do not have any importance in the search engine. So while writing the post, be aware that it is written for visitors, not for search engine, you can write a natural post by avoiding additional keywords.

Find the right keywords

You need to find keywords that are consistent with the content of your website. You can go to Google AdWords to search for keywords that have been searched for more. However, using the keywords, follow the exact rules for writing articles. Keep in mind that the keywords are not used too much nor are they too low.

Meta description

Although Google does not consider Meta Description as the Direct Rank factor. Then there are some values of the Meta description in the search result. In particular, it helps to increase your site’s CTR (Click through Rate). Use keywords in H1 tags
The H1 tag is the second title. If Google considers your website’s title to be the main ranking factor, then the H1 tag can be called a secondary ranking factor. But remember one thing; it is not good to use more than 1 H1 tag in a page/post.

Submit Sitemap to Google

To get to the first page of the search result, submit your sitemap to your website and submit it to Google. Google Sitemap will learn more about the structure or contents of your website structure. Which will help you to get your site to the first page of search results?

Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is very important to bring your site to the first page of the search engine. There are some famous sites for guest blogging, where you can submit your post. You can get many benefits at the same time if guests are blogging. First of all, you will get backlinks for some sites that are good for your site, as well as your site and your contact with the blogging community. If you are a guest blogging you can find targeted visitors on your site. To understand the importance of guest blogging.

Long tail keywords

Think about the keyword “Android Smartphone” for any post. If this is the main keyword then other bloggers will also use this keyword on their site. In that case, you have to read the keywords in the computation. And coming to the search results of your site will be relatively difficult to come. You can use Long tail keywords for this. Here you can type “New Android Smartphone” or “Android smartphone 2013”. These words are a little long or long-range. If you use this keyword you will need to face fewer keyword competitions which will help you to get your site to the first page of search results.


Backlink requirements are also required. However, creating an overlapping backlink is harmful to the site. Creating an extra backlink for a site can mean that search engines are spam. As Google’s backlinks in Google’s case are considered spam comments, Google excludes these sites from its index. You can do social bookmarking, Guest Blogging, Forum posting, Link while, Relevant blog comment, Directory submission, RSS Submission, etc. to create backlinks. But these must be of moderate level. Like 5 social bookmarking, relevant blog comment, and other backlinks can also be done.
Besides, after publishing any post, you will try to create some of the authority backlinks on the permalink of that post. You can do this through guest blogging. By following these rules, you can expect your site to be taken to the first page of the search result by creating backlinks.

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