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A Introduction to Freelancing and Its Importance in Career

Even those who are new to Freelancing are really worried about how to get started or how to do it. So those who have a good knowledge of the subject just keep asking “what is freelancing? How do I do that? ”This may make them feel at one point. So today I’m trying to give a rough guideline so that the processes can be cleared up a lot. Today, I would say, what is freelancing? We need to know that first, without wasting time we get to the main point

What is Freelancing?

Simply put, doing anything over the Internet is called freelancing. To say better, we usually see people who know the work of Graphics in various computer stores, and people who know MS Office work in different establishments. They go to a specific place and do the same BOSS for a long period of time. Freelancing is the only way to do the “Contract Basis Short Time” online. These tasks are usually short-lived and are in mutual agreement between the worker and the buyer.
There is a level of attraction to attract people through overnight advertising. Many people are also being cheated by these external advertisements to earn online. Many are combining outsourcing and online income issues together. Outsourcing is when a person or organization gets its work done by someone outside the house, without in-house. And freelancing is when a person works in a contract-based organization without working at a specific institution. The issue of outsourcing in Bangladesh is largely outsourced to the developed world through freelancers. The industry of commercial outsourcing services has not developed that way yet. There are many businesses that offer this exact outsourcing service and it is growing day by day. There is also a tendency among many to start entrepreneurship as a freelancer, which is really hope.

Why freelancing is best?

You have to choose your career after the end of your education. I think the best combination of personal life, family, and career is to be good. The main three things that are needed to stay this good are freedom, ease and adequate income. Let’s see how much we can get in these areas for freelance-outsourcing.

1. You can decide when to work. For example, I work every day from eleven to six in the morning, doing personal and family work from noon to 7 pm. Nobody forced me to do so. To me this schedule seems convenient, so let’s do it. Someday I wish I would not work tonight, at other times, no one will restrict it. But I never thought of the previous 3 years career I would tell the boss in the office today I will not go to the office in the morning or go to the office for two days or to go to the office and chat with friends!

2. You decide where to work. In this case, I can speak for myself. My personal desk is in my bedroom. Whether you do a job or any other business, you cannot go fence only if you want to travel. If there is a job then you have to wait for the holidays, you have to leave your company if you have a business. Such a Vagabond family is distant, it would be difficult to even dream of anything! All of them have been traveling abroad for years. But their work does not stop. Wherever they go, their offices are also there. As a freelancer, your laptop and a small travel bag are enough. You don’t have to go to the office, but the office will go with you. How much freedom do you want for work?

3. The biggest difference between a local business is that your business world is global. As a result, the number of subscribers is many times higher. There is no shortage of work for this. Here you are the service provider and you will decide who to provide your service to and who not to. Let’s say you have a store in one of the cities. Business is doing well, but if there is a sudden natural disaster in your city, your business may start to recede for a few days. But in the case of freelance outsourcing, your business is not just your hometown, so the risk is low.

4. Freelancing does not mean that you have to work alone all your life. I do not work alone. We have offices too. However, it is also a virtual office. We have no headdress about where the creative aliens work. The work is just fine. It is also nice to think that for our organization, there are 4 children from Bangladesh, India, the Philippines who are regularly working in a convenient place. We want our employees to sit in the place where they can work most freely, in the way that and in the dress that shows creativity. From a grocery store to a corporate organization, jobs can’t be imagined anywhere.

How much do you want to earn?

That sounds seemingly ridiculous. In the country where even after completing the highest education, millions of bucks have to stand in line for the hope of a job, no one can guarantee that you will get a job. On the contrary, if someone asks you how much you want to earn every month in your qualification without any bribe! Then laughter can come. But this is not a joke at all. Your earning depends on your ability. And when you work in the international market, naturally your work costs will be several times higher than the local market.

To be a good freelancer

To be a good freelancer, there are several things to keep in mind. For example, when you bid on the marketplace, the client will be attracted to your profile. Therefore, the profile should be excellent, so that the client can show interest and work. Traveling to different marketplaces, profiles should be tailored to the needs of clients.

To create a great profile, there are a few things to keep in mind. For example:

  • Expert on any topic. There is an outsourcing coaching center in Bangladesh, from which it can be learned. Moreover, it is very important to try the pen manually. Watching a video tutorial can also go a long way.
  • You have to do two things about the issue you are expecting. For example, if you are good at writing, you should add your article to an article profile.
  • In popular marketplaces like oDesk.com, Freelancer.com, a test called Freelancing Skill Measurement can be given. Participating in them will not be bad for the profile
  • In addition to the freelancing marketplace, you can share your profile and content on various social media, blogs, and forums. This will increase the profile, which is very important in freelancing.

  • The secret to getting a client

    The easiest way to get a client is to find someone to work with. You have to wait patiently for a nice profile to get the job done first. This is where the real test of patience begins. After a lot of waiting, a task can be completed in a certain amount of time. The client will be happy to give you the next task or refer your name to others. That way you can be a familiar face in the freelance world.

    The task of freelancing

    Various tasks can be done in the freelancing marketplace. These tasks can be roughly divided into two parts. The relatively simple tasks include data entry or article writing. Needless to say, there are a lot of bids for such a job, so to get such a job a freelancer has to compete in a big competition.
    Comparable tasks include web development, software development, graphic designing. There are more reasons to get paid for such reasons, competition is less. But to do these things perfectly, you have to be an expert. Otherwise, you will not be fortunate to see a client’s smile.
    Whatever the case, one thing should always be kept in mind. You need to strike a balance between how hard the job is and what time you have to do it. The issue of remuneration will depend a lot on your experience.

    How to get a payment

    The Internet is not a very safe place. So if you do not know the process of getting the payment through freelancing, then you can easily go fool. Your hard work can be just bare. That is why it is necessary to clarify ways to get remuneration.
    Banks are definitely a safe way to understand the money available. Balance transfers can be made directly from some marketplaces to a bank account. But in the marketplaces that do not have this system, online payment transaction process can be considered as remuneration. But it is a complicated process and it takes a month and a half to finish all the work.
    Regular clients usually do not go to these troubles. They give freelancers work by e-mail or other means, and also send freelancers directly to the bank account of the freelancers. But getting such a regular client requires a lot of experience. There is a type of debit card called Payoneer Prepaid Master Card. With this card, a certain amount can be raised directly from the marketplace. It is also possible to shop online using this card.

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