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SEO for beginners

What is SEO or Search Engine Optimization?

We are all familiar with the search engine. Google, Yahoo, Ask, etc. are search engines. Google is among the most popular search engines. If you search for a topic in Google, according to the best informative sites according to you will show it to you. Where you visit you will find the information you want. This is how SEO will bring you the way your site is brought to Google.

Why learn SEO or search engine optimization?

Online marketing is a significant part of search engine optimization. Which helps you to bring visitors to search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. When people search in a search engine by a keyword, and if your site is in the rank, then you will see your site on top of the search result. If it is your site then you can understand what the position of it is.
This is the reason people want to learn search engine optimization. If you know the search engine optimization, the free visitor from the search engine can be brought to the same amount, so Google can save thousands of dollars per month. It’s a little clear that when you search Google by entering a subject; you will see that the first few paid ad shows. Google has to pay to show this site first in search of this keyword. So, you have to learn the SEO to earn without any investment. So the demand for SEO will never be reduced. They will continue to grow.

SEO vs. Outsourcing

On the one hand, you can get outsourced through SEO. There are many things waiting for you again, if you think outsourcing, you can develop your own business yourself. By adopting SEO knowledge, you can enjoy any kind of opportunities for online income in the world. Making a product is a lot of trouble in getting a product market. And when you get involved in that hard work, you will be able to make yourself self-reliant in the online income world. And now the eCommerce business, all kinds of business development is being done with the help of technology. And everything you can do is possible by SEO.
For Example

There are many search engines on earth like most famous Google, and then there is Yahoo, Bing, etc. If someone wants to learn HTML in Bangla, then he might search Google by typing “HTML Tutorial in Bangla” because he might not know the addresses in a website that has HTML Tutorial in Bengali.

If you have an HTML tutorial in Bengali. If you search Google by typing “HTML Tutorial”, then the first page of Google will be better if the first link on the first page is your site, then you can be sure if anyone search for “HTML Tutorial” will definitely go to your site. This site is the first one to show in Google, but despite having many sites, blog, forum, etc. there are also HTML tutorials in Bengali, the site that was used earlier, some techniques were adopted. These techniques are called Search engine optimization (SEO).
Straight to where we searched Google, we got the result. If I search with the word “SEO”, then I see about 4 million results. However, if we want to know about SEO, then by clicking on the websites that come naturally on the first page and browsing through that website, we will try to find out what the SEO is!

What else will help you search engine optimization?

  • In order to increase your site visitor.
  • Get ROI or your investment back (ROI = Return on Investment)
  • Save additional investment.
  • Promote your company or brand on very little investment.
  • To move your website within everyone’s reached.
  • To enlarge large traffic
  • SEO help to amplify the popularity.
  • It helps to raise unique visitors on our site
  • To inform about new websites function
  • The best method to make a website to rank up it must have an SEO expert
  • Internal link & external link transfer information
  • SEO easily creates traffic on the website by gathering more information, contents, relevant contents, page links, feature images, content relevant, attractive images, multimedia, etc.
  • Compulsory information/contents can be shown to the visitors by implement SEO.
  • SEO increases the visitor’s engagement.
  • SEO creates opportunities to earn money from Google Ad Sense.
  • This means the search engine will do the same thing as the first page on your site, SEO or search engine optimization.

  • Before knowing about SEO in details must need to know about Niche.

    What is a Niche?

    The first step of SEO is to select a Niche. What is this thing? Let’s know – Niche is meant to be a simple language in which a specific topic is meant. Suppose if you think a website will open “People’s Health” Because you are a doctor. But “health” is a huge section. You’re not an expert on everything. And if you want to give everything to your blog, the number of your target visitors will probably be much bigger, but your competition will increase and much more. You will have to compete with many people. But if you just blog about mental health? Then you have to compete with fewer blogs. So hopefully on Google’s first page, this will be much easier.

    What you need to do for SEO

    Look at the modules where you will be admitted. Then show the module to those experts who have them, if they try to admit you to admission then you will be admitted.
    If you can make the best use of Google, then nobody will be able to prevent you from being an expert. There are many people who can do many advanced things or small tasks cannot as he did not remember the work that he had learned. And because of not being able to learn advanced things, he has forgotten a lot of basic things. You have to practice every day that you have learned and practice SEO regularly

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