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Simple steps to do SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Steps to do SEO

SEO is basically divided into two parts. Such as:

  • On page optimization
  • Off-page optimization

  • However, before starting on page optimization and off page optimization, you have to do some work for your site. For example, you have to select the correct keyword for your site. Then you have to post it on your site with that keyword. Then when you have a minimum of 20-25 quality posts on your site, you might think of SEO on your site. Let’s start with on page optimization


    On-page optimization

    On-page optimization is done on a number of basic topics. If you know about these things, you have the ability to optimize your on-page optimization. What are the topics that are included in the on-page optimization?

    • Using Meta Tags
    • Use Title Tag
    • Using Keyword tags
    • Using the Description tag
    • Use of ALT tags
    • Use the h1-h6 tag
    • Pages – File Naming
    • Keyword Enhanced Content
    • Creating XML Sitemaps etc.
    • If you can achieve these things, then the results are in your hand

      Select the keyword for the site

      If you want to create a site, you must first decide whether to create your site on any topic. Every site is created with this purpose so that it can fetch a lot of visitors daily from Google. And for this, it is very important to choose your site’s keyword. Now choose keywords based on what your site is for you. First, you have to find a topic that has been searched by Google every day, but the number of related sites is much less. As a result, you can easily get your site to Google’s first page.

      To do this, introduce you to a nice toolbar. Its name is google adward toolbar. With the help of this tool, when you type the name of a topic, Google will show you how many times Google searches every month, how many sites are related to this topic, how much you have to work with them, etc. To enter the toolbar, the first search the keyword google, then click on the result you will see first. Then log in with your Google id, and enter a topic at the box, enter a captcha. Now press Enter to Find out the keyword in your mind.

      Choosing a keyword is a very important step in the selection of any site. When you take the job from your buyer, you must first check what the keyword is, then only start the job.

      Write Content based on keyword

      No matter how much you do the above things, nothing will be useful if your content is not good. Content in Google’s ranking is really King. Write the content, or write it with any agency, of course, look at its quality. Optimize your content if you do not like it, you will not be able to do any work. Follow some steps to write content

      • The title is one of the most important parts of your content. A visitor will first see the content of the title. Then decide – whether to read the content or not read. Also, the search matches from the title get ideas from what the content is about. So the title must be SEO and optimized and interesting.
      • Use as many sub-headings as much as possible in the content. But that does not mean that sub-heading is done wherever you wish. Of course, you need to use sub-heading where necessary.
      • It’s very important to have an SEO and optimized URL for an SEO and optimized content.
      • When writing a text message, you have to tell the visitor, what the content that written about, what visitors can know from this. As you can write beautifully, the CTR (Click through Rate) of your site will rise. This will increase your ranking. In Meta decryption try to keep the keyword, but do not definitely do keyword stuff.

      • Select Tag and Focus Keyword

        If you want to properly run your article on the page SEO, it is very important to select the right tags and focus key. To select a tag, you will need to get the help of Google Keyword Planner to go to Google Keyword Planner. You can find out the tags that you want to give to your article, every day, from the Google Keyword Planner. There are also keywords that people can search for your article in Google Gogol. Besides, the tags will be kept in size from 5 to 10 words.

        Meta description

        The meta description is one of the most important things to rank a keyword. When you search by entering a topic in Google or Bing’s website, you have noticed that some of the information in the search keywords is written in the form of four to five lines of data. These articles are called Meta descriptions. Keep in mind that your target keyword is a must-have at this time.

        Link Building

        Internal link building is a link to another post in a post within your website. For example, if I give a link to another related post in this post, this is a plus point for Google Ranking. It is a very important task to do SEO on the right page.

        Image Optimization

        One more useful work for On-Page SEO using pictures on your artwork or page. Using an article or page related picture, add some tags and description to it. This increases the likelihood of getting your page or post to search. The reason for this is that if someone you search for your image then there is a possibility of your article coming in.

        Off-Page SEO

        Social media

        In social media, a part of Off-page SEO is called talking about your website or sharing links or sharing article links. On the other hand, these activities are called social media marketing. The activities of social media marketing are very helpful in SEO ranking. Google likes social media activities. In social media, you can do your work –

        • Facebook
        • Twitter
        • Google Plus
        • Pinterest
        • LinkedIn

        • Social bookmarking

          Social bookmarking will help in the traffic of your website’s ranking and website. For better results, you can bookmark any article page for yourself, not just the home page.

          Websites that can be used for social bookmarking –

          • Reddit
          • Delicious
          • StumbleUpon
          • Digg
          • Scoop it

          • Local Listings

            Local listings are more important for SEO targeting a specific city or area. Local listings are the first step in local SEO. For local listings, there are many local listings websites; you can find them on the website. Before listing, see if the website is a little popular.

            Press Release

            To get the simplest language to read online blogs or article websites that are written in your own business and writing about your business website. This step will help increase your traffic at your branding and your website. Along with this, a link is also being created.

            Article Submission

            You can submit your own article (new, which is not used anywhere) to some popular websites, if it is written, it needs to be published. After submitting they will inform you later whether they will publish or not. You can provide links to your website in your BIO section. It’s a great way where you can publish your article on popular websites and can also provide a link to the website.

            Questions and answers

            Being a good way to get traffic is the question and answer website. Some popular Question and Answer websites are Yahoo Answer, Quora, etc. Many people ask for a lot of information while answering your question about the website related to it.

            Pictures Submissions

            Your website’s pictures play a significant role in bringing traffic to many areas. That is to say, to optimize the on-page optimization of the picture. You can get traffic from your website by submitting it to a website. Some popular websites that take pictures of the website are –

            • Flickr
            • Imgur.
            • Tumblr.
            • Pinterest

            • Video Submissions

              Currently, video is the most popular medium; audiences have the greatest effect on seeing videos and video branding. The best websites for video submissions are –
              • Youtube
              • Vimeo
              • Dailymotion
              • Document shares

              • Broken Link Building

                Many times there are links that do not work as a link to a broken link. If you get such links, write an article in your website on that subject and place a link to your website in place of the Broken Link. This type of work can be done in Wikipedia a lot; you can do this if you have a broken link in the page that accompanies your subject. Many people do such things and build links to popular websites.

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